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Laura Maaske, M.Sc.BMC
Medical Illustrator
5144 Pine Tree Circle
Racine, WI 53402 USA
Phone: (262) 633-9980
multimedia program for patients with unilateral vocal cord palsy  © Laura Maaske 1998

Vocal Cord Paralysis Multimedia Program

I designed this program for patients with vocal cord paralysis at the Toronto Hospital. I used Quark mTropolis in conjunction with Strata StudioPro and Adobe Premiere to incorporate movies and to create 3-D animations. The program includes an interactive segment during which patients can experiment with the tool that will be used to change their voice during vocal cord surgery.

As part of the process of creating this program I conducted an audience analysis, meeting with patients at the Toronto Hospital to determine what their questions and concerns were regarding surgery. I incorporated answers to their questions in the program.

But the program was also designed to fulfill the surgeon's request that the patients be familiar with the surgery they are about to undergo. Patients are awake during the surgery for unilateral vocal cord paralysis, and an understanding of the process would help patients to understand why they must speak during surgery as their surgeon is adjusting their voice.

This project was completed as a portion of my Master's paper in biomedical communications. I am currently seeking funding to fine tune and distribute this program.

© Laura Maaske 1998